Counseling/Student Development Center: Personal Growth Groups

'Let's Connect Group

This is an Open Group for those who wish to learn strategies for decreasing anxiety and distress. A variety of skills including mindfulness, managing thoughts and feelings and being more effective in relationships. Everyone is encouraged to attend, please feel free to bring a friend. This group will be held every Wednesday 3pm to 4pm


Wednesday 3pm to 4pm McGowan-room 1066

How To Join

If interested please email the C/SDC ( with the subject: “Let's Connect”, call or stop by the office at McGowan 1017 or just come to room 1066 at 3pm on Wednesdays


ART Therapy Group

The creative process and the resulting artwork to explore feelings, emotional conflicts, self awareness and more... A way to help reduce anxiety and increase self-esteem. Participants will have the opportunity to release internal conflicts such as anxiety, depression or anger in a safe creative way. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE EXPERIENCED AT ART TO BE IN THIS GROUP. BRING A FRIEND!


Friday 1 to 2pm McGowan Room 1066

How To Join

If interested please email the C/SDC ( or come to the C/SDC in McGowan room 1017.

BE WELL - Healthy (Physical & Mental) Psychology Group

This group focuses on stress reduction, developing healthy habits, and the relationship between physical and mental health. Together we will explore what it means to "Be Well" and gain greater peace with your mind and body.


Monday from 3pm to 4pm

How To Join

Email with the subject title: Be Well Group or stop by the C/SDC in McGowan room 1017

love your body graphic

Body Peace: the Art of Mindful Eating

Stop the preoccupation with your shape and weight and gain a positive relationship with your body and food. Learn new ways to cope with difficult feelings without relying on food. Learn new processes to gain greater peace with your body.


TBA- Possible Spring 2022

How To Join

Please come to the C/SDC for screening in order to join or email

C/SDC Daily Walk-In services

If you are in need to talk to someone and do not have an appointment, do not hesitate to call the C/SDC 570-348-6245 or stop on down to McGowan Room 1017 Each day from 9am to 3pm we offer walk in services. You do not have to be a current client to come in.

LGBTQIA + Support Group

Group members may identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender variant or queer, though identifying with one of these labels is NOT required for membership in the group, and to be sure, this is not an exhaustive list of the way that students may experience and talk about their gender and/or sexuality. This group is intended to be a safe space in which student members meet weekly with a group facilitator. It is an opportunity for students to explore their concerns and thoughts, receive and give support, and provide a safe setting to freely share experiences and make connections with others.


Wednesday Noon to 1pm - McGowan room 1066

How To Join

If interested please email the C/SDC (, call or stop by the C/SDC office in McGowan room 1017

Music for Mindfulness Group - Music Therapy

Learn to use music to free your mind from the stress & noise of daily life.



How To Join

Email / subject MT Group / Open to All Marywood Students

PACT (Promoting Awareness of the College Transition)

PACT assists students in the transition from high school to college and empowers them to foster a campus community that is safe, healthy, and free from violence and threats.

Peers on Wellness (POW)

Provide leadership opportunities, enhance the wellness of the entire campus community, and will look impressive on your resume. Topics covered:

  • stress management
  • healthy relationships
  • body size acceptance
  • sexual assault awareness
  • alcohol awareness


Tuesday evenings

How To Join

Interested in joining POW, contact the Counseling/Student Development Center at 570-348-6245.

Visit the Peers on Wellness (POW) Facebook page