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About the Counseling/Student Development Center

For most of you, the college years are a time marked by exciting growth and change. You will be facing numerous choices and challenges. All of this will be going on in the midst of a rigorous academic environment.

Even the most successful of you may encounter a variety of concerns.

We are here to help you in addressing those concerns by assisting you in the development of effective problem-solving and decision-making skills that you will need to make satisfying life choices well beyond your Marywood years.

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C/SDC Services

    Psychiatric Consultation

    A psychiatrist is available to provide consultation to Marywood Students through the C/SDC. This service can include an evaluation for medication as part of treatment. The C/SDC staff members work closely with the psychiatrist to coordinate care for each student.

    Personal Growth Groups

    The C/SDC offer several groups each semester designed to provide support and to enhance personal growth and development. Groups that have been offered at the center include assertiveness training, body peace/mindful eating, self-esteem enhancement, and stress management.

    Personal and Academic Success Services (PASS)

    What Is PASS?

    PASS provides counseling and assessment services to students who are experiencing college adjustment and/or academic difficulties. Services are provided by graduate students in Marywood's Mental Health Counseling program under the supervision of counseling program faculty. PASS is focused on:

    • Academic concerns
    • Organization
    • Study Skills
    • Time Management
    • Test Anxiety
    • Test-taking strategies
    • Career Exploration
    • College Adjustment
    • Personal Difficulties


    Sessions are 50-minutes long. Students are recommended to meet weekly with their PASS counselor.


    PASS counselors and supervisors take confidentiality very seriously. Counselors and counselors-in-training are bound by legal and ethical codes that protect client information.  Your PASS counselor cannot share your information with other counseling professionals or school faculty without your documented consent.  PASS counselors are graduate students-in-training; therefore, it is required by law that they receive supervision from the counseling program’s faculty.   PASS counselors will ask their clients for permission to video or audio record sessions for the purpose of counselor training. Recording is required to receive services through PASS.

    The American Counseling Association(ACA) states specific ethical codes by which counselors and supervisors must abide. To view these ethical codes, visit the ACA website.


    No cost for counseling or assessment services provided through PASS

    Peer Education

    Peers on Wellness (POW!) is a student organization that is advised by the C/SDC staff and that offers a variety of wellness presentations to the Marywood community. Becoming a member of POW! provides opportunities for student growth in the areas of leadership, public speaking, program development, and network-building. 

    Outreach Programs

    At the Counseling Center, we see students who suffer well beyond the stereotypical symptoms of homesickness and transitional phases of life; we encounter students who suffer from depression, the aftermath of sexual assault, profound eating disorders, and tremendous anxiety.

    If you are interested in any of these programs and would like to become involved, please call the Counseling/Student Development Center at 570-348-6245 to obtain more information.

    Individual Counseling

    The center offers personal counseling to help students identify, clarify, and resolve important issues. These may include issues such as:

    • anxiety
    • depression
    • body image
    • disordered eating
    • self-esteem
    • communication skills
    • relationship concerns
    • trauma recovery
    • substance abuse

    Emergency Care

    In the event of an emergency, students may walk-in and meet with a therapist during regular business hours.

    In the event of a psychological crisis after hours and on weekends, the clinical staff can be reached for phone consultation and support.

    Students may call the center at 570-348-6245 to obtain the on-call phone number.

    Students may also call the Scranton Counseling Center at 570-348-6100 and a counselor there will help you.

    Important Note

    If an emergency need arises, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest Hospital Emergency Department.

    This service may not always be available during the summer, between the fall and spring semesters, or during fall, spring and Easter breaks.


    The Counseling Center staff is bound by ethical and legal guidelines to protect your rights to confidentiality. No information, written or oral, is released to other persons without your written permission.

    The only exceptions to these guidelines are governed by law. These are specific to situations where we have reason to believe that there is intent to harm yourself, another or a child, and to situations where we may be court-ordered in case of your involvement in a lawsuit.

    Your right to privacy may also be compromised when communicating via the internet. Please note that this is not a secure site.

    'It's On Us' Healthy Relationships Week

    To RECOGNIZE that non-consensual sex is sexual assault.

    To IDENTIFY situations in which sexual assault may occur.

    To INTERVENE in situations where consent has not or cannot be given.

    To CREATE an environment in which sexual assault is unacceptable and survivors are supported.