Education: M.S. in Higher Education Administration

Fully Online

Our fully online program will prepare you for a variety of mid-level careers in public and private colleges and universities. Our faculty remain dedicated to providing opportunities for building connections. Assistance is available in helping students determine which functional area to pursue by focusing on professional development throughout the program. Students can carry on to the Ph.D. program.

Career Opportunities

  • Student Affairs & Student Services
  • Enrollment Management
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Alumni Affairs
  • Institutional Research
  • Career Development
  • Academic Advising / Support
  • International Affairs

On-Campus or Near Marywood Graduate Opportunities

  • Apply and fill GA positions
  • Live on campus or in the area
  • Join Graduate Student Council
  • Represent students on a University committee
  • Participate in socializing/networking

Flexible Electives

It is possible to customize several of the elective courses in order to best situate your experience for the specific functional area you wish to pursue for your career.


Courses are designed to ground you in the theoretical framework necessary to guide current and future study and career development in higher education. An internship adds practical experience to the learning process.

I. Professional Education and Core Courses

12 semester hours

EDUC 501 Research Theory 3
EDUC 502 Multidisciplinary Foundations of Education 3
EDUC 554 Contemporary Learning Theories 3
PSY 514 Human Development 3

II. Concentration

24 semester hours

HE 525/(D/HE 1025) Student Issues in Higher Education 3
HE 530 (D/HE 1030) College Finance Strategic Planning 3
HE 605 (EDUC 605) Communication Theory and Organization Dynamics 3
HE 609/(D/HE 1109) Law and Public Policy 3
HE 640/(D/HE 1140) Program Evaluation 3
COUN 505 Career Development 3
COUN 532 Multicultural Counseling 3
Approved elective that complements student career goals
up to 6 credits
HE 592 Internship in Higher Education 3
Full-time (300 hours) or Part-time[1.5 (150 hours), 1.5 (150 hours)].
Internships are available in the Fall and Spring semesters only.
HE 555 (EDUC 555) Professional Contribution 0

Where Marywood HEA Alumni Work

  • Dickinson College
  • Fordham University
  • Fortis Institute
  • Gettysburg College
  • Hartwick College
  • Johnson College
  • Keystone College
  • Marywood University
  • Pace University
  • Penn Forster
  • (Penn State (main and branches)
  • Purdue University
  • University of North Carolina

Roles of HEA Alumni

  • President (Fortis)
  • VP for College Advancement
  • Asst Dean for Freshmen
  • Academic Mentor for Student-Athletes
  • Academic Advisor
  • Enrollment Specialist
  • Director of Student Activities
  • Graduate Admissions Counselor
  • Coordinator of Communications and Engagement
  • Director, Education and Employment at Military Family Research Institute (MFRI)

Alumni Quotes

“The Higher Education Administration program at Marywood helped me to truly find out where I saw myself working within Higher Education. The array of classes gave me insight into many different aspects to the point where I learned where I would fit best and where my interests were.”

Melissa Przewlocki