Student Health Services Medical Records Policy


For information on the HIPAA Law please visit the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Medical Records Destruction

Students' medical records or any part thereof shall be destroyed by shredding, or other effective methods in keeping with the confidential nature of its contents. Destruction of such records must be made in the ordinary course of business.

Student Health Services is responsible for ensuring that the records have been properly destroyed.

Medical Records Retention

Pennsylvania rules and regulations pertaining to patients medical records, 49 Pa. Code § 16.95(e) (2008) and 28 Pa. Code § 115.23 (2008). Pennsylvania law requires physicians and hospitals to retain patient medical records for seven years from the last date of service or discharge. Records of minors must be kept for one year past the age of majority by physicians, and seven years past the age of majority by hospitals..

The Marywood University Student Health Services Policy is as follows:

  • Student Health Services does maintain health records for the duration of the student’s enrollment and for seven years beyond the date of graduation.  Records older than seven years are not available or retrievable.
  • Students who take a Leave of Absence: records shall be kept on file for seven years after the student either graduates or withdraws.
  • Students who Apply and Do Not Attend: records shall be kept on file for one year.

Medical Records Security

During hours of operation, Student Health Services is adequately staffed to safeguard records from unauthorized access.

After hours of operation, or when the department is unattended, medical records are secured under lock and key allowing only authorized personnel to the records.