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The Library is offering "Research Workshops on Demand." These workshops are available to all faculty, staff and current students. Individuals interested in attending a library workshop may submit a request form for a workshop at a day/time that is suitable to their personal schedule.   You may view and select from the workshop list below by clicking on Register Here. You may also choose your topic of interests (not listed below). We will do our best to accommodate your request. Send questions and suggestions to

List of Research Seminars

Dig into Discovery!
Have you tried Discovery, the library's powerful search tool? It's a great place to start a project and to search across all types of resources, but with so many functions and options it can be overwhelming. This workshop is for anyone who wants learn how use Discovery successfully.

  • Start. Discovery lets you search multiple formats at once.
  • Refine. We'll demystify features and limiters that help you zero-in on your topic.
  • Request/Locate. You've found something great, now what? We'll look at determining full-text availability and interlibrary loan.

We'll also address what is (and isn't) included in Discovery, what's different about it from our other databases, as well as off-campus access and other questions you may have. Register Here

Google Scholar for Academic Research
This workshop provides an overview of Google Scholar options that can be useful in academic research. It also discusses tips to maximize Google Scholar searches. Register Here

Literature Review in Social Work
This workshop will take you through many of the resources available for Social Work at the Marywood Library. Participants will examine literature reviews for the various areas of social work including child welfare, gerontology, health and health care, marriage and the family, and social policy.  Register Here

Business Research - beyond Google
Reliable and relevant business information can be tricky to find. The Library offers unique resources that will help with your business planning and research. Let us explore the best business information available. Register Here

Education Research: Learning the Basics
Join us for a workshop to increase your awareness and effective use of education resources. We’ll discuss how to effectively use education databases such as ERIC, a useful database for finding educational information from lots of different sources (journals, magazines, books, conferences, and governmental agencies).  Register Here

Social Work--Introduction to Library Research
Learn about the various databases and other reference tools geared towards social work.  Participants are encouraged to bring assignments that can be workshopped during the session.  Register Here

How to Do a Literature Review in Nursing and Allied Health Professions
Participants will look at finding research articles in nursing as well as examining literature reviews for nursing and allied health professions. Several databases will be demonstrated for this workshop. Register Here

Research Survival: Finding Scholarly Articles
Whether you are just starting to look for peer-reviewed articles a topic, or you are seeking more sources for your term paper, this workshop will cover finding and accessing articles from the Library databases and other Web resources for academic research. Learn tips and tricks for using various tools to research more efficiently and effectively. Register Here

How to Find Information on Tests and Measurements
This session will introduce participants to resources which can be used to locate tests and measurements for research. It will provide learners with techniques to become more effective at searching for this type of information. Register Here

Open Access Image Resources for Art & Art History Workshop
Finding images online and using them properly can be difficult. This workshop will explore different types of open access image collections which are available for public use, explain different types of licensing, and show you how to correctly attribute any images you may useRegister Here

Introduction to Nutrition Research Resources
Join us for a workshop to increase your awareness and effective use of nutrition information resources to make your research easier and more efficient. We’ll discuss the steps of accessing peer reviewed nutrition and dietetics resources using Marywood's library databases and Open Access sources.Register Here .

Company Research with Mergent Online
This is one of the "Business Information Research Workshop Series" we offer this semester. Mergent online provides U.S. and international company data, including business description, history, property, subsidiaries, officers and directors, long-term debt and capital stock.Register Here

Company Research with Mergent Intellect
This is the first workshop of the "Business Information Research Workshop Series" we offer this semester. Mergent Intellect offers a unique opportunity to access private and public U.S and international business data, industry news, facts and figures, ... and the ability to access industry profiles and much more. Register Here

Mergent Online Database for Investment Information
Interested in investing in or obtaining financial information about US or inter,national companies, please join us for a 40- minute session on Mergent Online, which is one of the most complete historical financial databases offering detailed insight into company and industry research, both historical and current. Register Here

Survival and Thrival Tips for International Students
Critical to academic success is your ability to do library research to produce papers for classes or complete your thesis or dissertation. This workshop is meant to provide some research tips and resources for international students (or other students). The session will be informal, so feel free to come with specific questions or concerns you might have from your own research experiences. We will also be able to try some example searches. Register Here

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