Given the cross disciplinary nature of Marywood University's Ph.D. Program, faculty are drawn from across the University to teach in the program. Faculty from various disciplines serve as dissertation mentors, committee members, and readers and are involved in the Qualifying Experience process.

Academic Advisement Policy

All doctoral students are advised by the Ph.D. Program Director throughout the duration of the program.

Process for Dissertation Credit Registration

For each semester a student needs to register for Dissertation credits, the student must (in consultation with the Dissertation chair) contact the Ph.D. Program director via email (preferred) or by phone, the number of Dissertation credits to be taken in a given semester.

After the student has been released for online registration, the student will choose to register for either 1, 2, or 3 credits of dissertation (D/AL 1275) that is listed under the Ph.D. Program Director's name. The dissertation chair in consultation with the Ph.D. Program Director will assign a grade of "S" or "U" at the end of each semester to assess the student's progress in completing his/her Dissertation. 

All students must be registered for dissertation credits by the "LAST DAY TO REGISTER/ADD COURSES."

The required number of Dissertation credits to fulfill the requirements of the Ph.D. are 9, however in the event of an extension to complete the degree, a student must remain active in the program by registering for at least 1 credit of Dissertation each subsequent semester until a successful defense is achieved.


Photo of Dr. Deborah Hokien

Dr. Deborah Hokien

Program Director, Ph.D. Program in Administration & Leadership/MPA
(570) 348-6279

Traci Greening

Secretary Part-time, Ph.D. Program
(570) 348-4752

Teaching Faculty

Photo of Dr. Art Comstock

Dr. Art Comstock

Associate Professor, Business/Global Innovation
(570) 348-6211 x2449
Photo of Dr. Alice McDonnell

Dr. Alice McDonnell

Full Professor, Administrative Studies
(570) 348-6211 X 2406
Photo of Sr. Gail Cabral

Sr. Gail Cabral

Full Professor, Psychology/Counseling
(570) 348-6211 X2346
Photo of Dr. Alexander Dawoody

Dr. Alexander Dawoody

Assistant Professor, Administrative Studies
Photo of Dr. Lee Harrison

Dr. Lee Harrison

Full Professor, Nutrition/Dietetics
(570) 348-2611 X2303
Photo of Dr. Philip Jenkins

Dr. Philip Jenkins

Associate Professor, Philosophy
(570) 348-6211 X2972
Photo of Dr. Alan Levine

Dr. Alan Levine

Full Professor, Nutrition & Dietetics
(570) 348-6290
Photo of Dr. Erin O'Hora

Dr. Erin O'Hora

Lecturer, Nutrition & Dietetics
(570) 961-4556
Photo of Dr. Amy Paciej Woodruff

Dr. Amy Paciej Woodruff

Assistant Professor, Coordinator, MS Higher Education Administration Program
Ext. 2318
Photo of Dr. Joseph A. Polizzi

Dr. Joseph A. Polizzi

Associate Professor, Education
(570) 348-6211 X 2497
Photo of Dr. Karen Rich

Dr. Karen Rich

Associate Professor, School of Social Work/Administrative Studies
(570) 348-6211 X2395
Photo of Dr. Lia Richards Palmiter

Dr. Lia Richards Palmiter

Director of Diversity, Lecturer,, Administration & Leadership

Dr. Pietro Sasso

Lecturer (Adjunct), Administration & Leadership
Photo of Dr. Christopher J. Speicher

Dr. Christopher J. Speicher

Associate Professor, School Business/Global Innovation, Organizational Leadership
(570) 348-6211 X2666

Dr. Matthew Caputo

Lecturer (Adjunct), Administration & Leadership
Photo of Dr. Diane DellaValle

Dr. Diane DellaValle

Associate Professor, Nutrition & Dietetics
(570) 348-6211 X2477
Photo of John M. Hart, III, Esq.

John M. Hart, III, Esq.

Lecturer (Adjunct), Administration & Leadership
(570) 689-1529

Dr. John Risboskin

Lecturer (Adjunct), Education

Dr. Richard Clark

Lecturer (Adjunct), Education
Photo of Dr. Lori Swanchak

Dr. Lori Swanchak

Clinical Director, Physician Assistant
(570) 961-4711