Student Activities: Leadership Opportunities - Orientation Leaders

Marywood has two types of Orientation Leaders:

Small Group Orientation Leaders serve as guides specifically for first year students during their Summer Orientation, Fall Welcome, and first semester transitions to Marywood.

General Orientation Leaders serve as well-rounded university ambassadors for all incoming students and their families. As Orientation specialists, these students work in areas of logistics, family and guests, and have the opportunity to work on a first year theater production. Because they work closely with the incoming students, Orientation Leaders become the face of Marywood.

Team Leaders

Orientation Team Leaders assist the Orientation Chairs by overseeing specific aspects of orientation, like the student schedule, family and guest services, logistics, and theater performances.


Orientation Chairs are responsible for the overall success of the New Student Orientation program. They assist in planning, scheduling, and coordinating other student leaders.

Orientation Olympics