Movie Tickets For Sale in Naz #107

Student Activities & Leadership Development Office
January 1 - 4:30PM Naz #107

MU Coffeehouse

chilly weather and hot coffee what could be better?
Tuesday, Nov 28
8:30PM - 10:30 PM
Nazareth Hall in the Fireplace Lounge

Christmas Shopping in NYC

Need that special something? NYC is the place to find it
Saturday, Dec 9
8:00AM - and depart NYC at 6PM
depart Nazareth Hall Lot at 8:00AM

Holiday Dinner

Holiday Dinner
Sunday, Dec 10
Marian Chapel, Fireplace Lounge and Upper Main Dining Hall

FlapJack Fest

Take a break from studying and join staff and faculty for breakfast in the Nazareth Dining Hall.
Monday, Dec 11
8:00PM - 12:00 AM
Nazareth Dining Hall