Student Disability Services: Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Academic accommodations are designed to meet your disability-related needs without fundamentally altering the nature of the instructional program.

A variety of academic accommodations can be made, depending on your particular needs. They may include:

  • Extended time on timed tests
  • Distraction-free environment for taking tests
  • Ability to tape record lectures or note taking support
  • Accessible classrooms
  • More Examples
  • More information on the Academic Accommodations Process

Housing Accommodations

Reasonable housing accommodations will be made for on-campus residents. These may include:

  • Single room
  • Wheelchair (ADA) accessible rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Close proximity to elevators and exits

To Request Accommodations

For academic accommodations, submit your disability documentation to the Office of Student Disability Services.

For specific housing needs, please read our housing FAQ or contact Disability Services at

Your documentation will be reviewed by the Office of Student Disability Services and, if necessary, the Housing and Residence Life Office.

Staff from the Office of Student Disability Services will work with you to determine the appropriate academic and housing accommodations.

If academic accommodations are required, Student Disability Services will partner with you to develop an accommodation plan and notify your faculty instructors.
Once you have had your accommodation meeting for the current semester, you can use the Accommodation Portal to schedule tests and request accomodations for each specific course.
NoteIf you encounter difficulties obtaining academic adjustments in a particular course, please see the Office of Student Disability Services for assistance. The Office of Student Disability Services will gladly partner with you and your professor to develop an appropriate solution.