Jessica Rose Eberle

QA with Alumni Preceptor, Jessica Rose Eberle

Q&A with an Alumni Preceptor

Name: Jessica Rose Eberle

Marywood Class Year(s): 2013, 2014

Degree(s): Bachelor of Science in Pre-Physician Assistant Studies Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies

Current Employer: I am employed by ApolloMD, and I have been working in the Emergency Department at Moses Taylor Hospital in Scranton, PA, for the past four years.

Previous Employer: I have previously worked for Coordinated Health in their Care on Demand clinics.

How long have you been an alumni preceptor for Marywood students? Three years.

How did you get involved with being a preceptor for Marywood students?

During my time in the PA Program at Marywood, I had many preceptors who made a strong impact on me and helped to shape me into the provider that I am today. I always knew that I wanted to have that same impact on students one day. When I took my job in the Emergency Department at Moses Taylor Hospital, they were looking for someone to coordinate the PA students, and I was very happy to accept the opportunity!

What do you like most about the experience?

There are so many things that I enjoy about being a clinical preceptor, but what I enjoy most is the students themselves. It is exciting meeting new and very different people every few weeks, and it is a great form of networking. 

What distinctive qualities/skills/talents do our students bring?

Marywood students are extremely passionate about learning and healthcare in general. They always make a positive impact on patients with their outstanding bedside manner, and work very well alongside the staff in the E.D. I personally feel that Marywood PA students help the department to run much more smoothly with the assistance they provide to the patients and staff.  

What are some of the main things they learn from their experience with you/where you work?

During their rotation with me, Marywood PA students learn—first and foremost—how to work in a very high-stress and fast-paced environment. They also learn how to think on their feet and to be creative in their approach to emergency medicine. I would have to say the most important thing that students take away from their time with me is confidence.

Has their internship placement with you led to their employment in the field?

Yes! Many of my students have used me as a reference for job opportunities in various specialties, both locally and all over the country. A few of them are actually co-workers of mine now in the Emergency Department at Moses Taylor.

Closing thoughts:

In addition to being a clinical preceptor, over the past two years, I have also had the opportunity to assist in the classroom at Marywood. I have helped with proctoring practical exams, as well as teaching suturing techniques. This has allowed me to meet many of the students prior to their rotations with me, and I definitely love this side of teaching as well!