picture of Natasha Gillot

Natasha Gillot


College Experience Comes Full Circle for Master of Interior Architecture Student   

Apr 10, 2020

Natasha Gillott, Carbondale, Pa., is a first-year Master of Interior Architecture student and a graduate assistant in the Marketing Department at Marywood University. Natasha has become the person she was meant to be at Marywood University. Her experiences and opportunities have been shaped by the relationships she has built with students, faculty, industry professionals, and community members.

As a student in the School of Architecture, Ms. Gillott has had the opportunity to participate in the High Point Market for the past three years. Last year, Marywood students hosted a Design Talk Live Broadcast Network show on social media, as part of “The University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation.” On the red carpet at HGTV’s Stars Reunion, students interviewed and invited industry leaders to their booth to be interviewed, and, in turn, gave a student perspective on the interviewees’ answers. Those interviews and student perspectives were then shared with other students throughout the country.

Ms. Gillott said, “It has been an invaluable experience to be a part of the High Point Market and the University Hall of Innovation & Job Creation. It has given me the courage to not be afraid to ask questions of designers and those in the industry.” 

At the 2018 High Point Market, Ms. Gillott and Natalia Colasurdo, senior Interior Architecture student, partnered to participate in a contest run by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, through which selectees were randomly announced using the hashtag #perfect pair winners. By receiving the most likes along with publicity, the pair was selected to take part in an all-expense paid trip to Las Vegas. Ms. Gillott and Ms. Colasurdo will leave for Las Vegas in January.

This is Ms. Gillot’s third year attending the High Point Market. This opportunity has helped take her out of her comfort zone and helped her further develop as a designer, student, and person. She said, “I wasn’t an outgoing person. I was a little shy—not confident with upfront speaking, but this experience has definitely helped me with my courage. Now, I hope to support other students by encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone.”

Ms. Gillot will be attending the fall market to help students find their purpose by conducting interviews with industry leaders, helping with set-up at the High Point Market, and offering a student perspective to the podcast that she and Ms. Colasurdo develop. It is safe to say that Natasha is pursuing her passion and has found her purpose, both at Marywood and through the experiences that it offers.