picture of Ernie Mengoni

Ernie Mengoni


Producing Professionals

Ernie Mengoni’s career at Marywood University highlights his profound influence in molding the next generation of media professionals. With a robust educational background and extensive practical experience in communications, Mengoni initially distinguished himself at WOLF-TV, now Fox 56, where he enhanced his industry skills as the Assistant Production Manager. This role not only broadened his capabilities but also set the stage for his significant contributions upon returning to his alma mater.

For the past 33 years, Mengoni has played a critical role in Multimedia Communication programs at Marywood University. As the Coordinator of Broadcast Operations, he expertly manages the day-to-day operations of WVMW-FM, Marywood's 2000 watt radio station, and TV Marywood, which is streamed on multiple platforms. His responsibilities, however, stretch far beyond typical administrative tasks. Mengoni is deeply committed to the hands-on education of students in the video production lab, seamlessly linking academic concepts with real-world practice.

Mengoni ensures that every student has the opportunity to work with industry-standard equipment, gaining practical skills that are crucial in the competitive field of broadcast media. This hands-on experience allows students to engage directly with the technology and processes that define modern broadcasting. Mengoni's dedication to maintaining a high standard of operation ensures that the Center for Multimedia Communication are not only tools for learning but also platforms for innovation and expression. His leadership and commitment to excellence prepare students not just to enter the media field but to excel in it, equipped with the comprehensive, real-world experience that today’s media industries demand.

Mengoni’s expertise not only promotes operational excellence but also significantly augments the educational offerings, equipping students with essential insights into the broadcast media sphere. Through his steadfast dedication and profound knowledge, Mengoni has solidified his status as an essential pillar of Marywood University. His passion for excellence and innovation continuously inspires a burgeoning cohort of media professionals, securing a legacy of exceptional media education at Marywood University.


Adding to his professional accomplishments, Mengoni is Minister of Music at Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Peckville which aligns well with the mission of Marywood University. This alignment can create a harmonious blend of personal and professional aspects of his life. His role in fostering musical talents in his children resonates with the values of education and community engagement that he embodies at the university. This interconnectedness brings a sense of fulfillment and purpose to his work and family life, enriching both spheres with shared values and experiences.      

Mengoni's personal life is deeply rooted in family values. He is a devoted father to his three children Torey, Ernest Anthony, and Jonathan, and cherishes his role as a grandfather to Beau and Louisa. His dedication to his family mirrors the care and commitment he brings to his professional role, where he nurtures and guides the next generation of media specialists with a fatherly concern and insight.