picture of Vincent Goldschmidt

Vincent Goldschmidt


Sports Media Major is Game for Anything

Journalism jobs are competitive, and background knowledge, often acquired outside of school, is crucial to success. For sports journalists, whose readers are often rabid fans with long memories and an appetite for statistics, knowing the intricacies of individual sports, as well as athletes’ and teams’ histories, is invaluable. 

Despite the challenges, Vincent Goldschmidt is game just about anything.

“I chose Marywood specifically for its Sports Media program and facilities,” said Goldschmidt. “During a tour of the campus I fell in love with the Center for Multimedia Communication. The television studio and radio station were something else. Marywood built something special here.”

The Sports Media major can do it all from on-camera and behind the scenes needs, to content creation and branding. He even serves as the sports editor of The Wood Word, sports reporter for TV-Marywood, and a DJ for 91.7 VMFM.

The sports multimedia track is designed to prepare students for work in the fast-growing field of Sports Media. Marywood provides students with experiential learning from Day One. Students can cover Marywood sports by writing and reporting for The Wood Word, broadcast basketball games live from the Athletic Center, and help produce “Beyond the Arch,” a weekly sports television program. 

“I was inspired by sports journalists like Chris Rose and Greg Amsinger,” said Goldschmidt. “Those guys are true inspirations for me. I would say the same thing about the people I’ve met during my time at Marywood, especially at The Wood Word. I would like to be that same source of inspiration for the next generation of student journalists who want a career in sports media. That would be incredible.”