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Matt Adelfio


Adelfio Shares School Counseling Experience

I am an elementary school counselor at the Delaware Valley Elementary School in Matamoras PA. This school year is my second year as a school counselor. I was a long term sub last year at DVES and am now the full-time counselor at DVES. School counselors have many different hats and this is definitely the case being at an elementary school. I am the SAP coordinator for the school, liaison between community resources and families, teaching guidance lessons, individual and group counseling, crisis counseling and support, and the list could go on. I love the position I am in because I can connect to the students on a much more personal level and make a huge difference in a child that is suffering from any type of issue. In the short amount of time I have been a counselor, I have watched a lot of students make positive gains and develop into better students and people. This is why I love the job. Currently, I am the elementary representative on the comprehensive school counseling plan committee, which allows me to make an impact district wide instead of just in my singular building. Marywood taught me a lot about myself and what being a counselor is all about. The staff worked hard to mold us into positive role models for students and allowed us to use our autonomy to become the best of the best. Prospective counseling students at Marywood have so much to look forward to because you are in one of the best programs this state has to offer. You are basically guaranteed a job once you have graduated just because you survived a rigorous program. Biggest piece of advice I have to offer is to grind through the program, embrace the challenge, and give it your best shot because not only will you be an amazing counselor in the end, but you will become a better person.